A thought provoking social media invention development project.

The same question keeps coming up. If so many patents have been thrown away by the Universities, the Government and the Private sector then they must have no real value?

Can anyone deny that the time Einstein served at the Patent Office in Zurich did not influence his way of thinking and cause him to create new and better invention ideas based off the ones he read each and every day for years! 1000’s of patents not of his own creation! His job lasted from 1902 to 1909, during which time Einstein published his four Annus Mirabilis (miracle year) 1905 papers! Einstein described the patent office as his ‘worldly cloister’, where he ‘hatched [his] most beautiful ideas’.

Today Einstein’s actions at the patent office would likely be considered as infringement, but we are fortunate to have a treasure trove of Free to Use Public domain inventions to draw upon. So, if patent data mining active in-force patents was good enough for Albert, can you imagine what he might have come up with having daily access to over 350,000 developed Public domain inventions at his disposal to cherry pick for ideas? Relatively speaking of course!

As most all of the free to use patents we intend to exploit are (to sum degree) a developed invention idea, the money saved by our start-ups on developing these already paid for and previously developed projects will have an immense impact on the young companies bottom-line, how long it takes to go to market, and how much equity (ownership) they retain as they get to market.