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Together with Rajan P Thodiyoor we are preparing to strengthen Career Magazine Digital (CMD) @ Career Our family of educational products includes Careers App, CTalk, CareersTV and others such as our weekly student Career newspaper. We are targeting the next generation pan Indian and Middle East market to compliment the North American market being developed by SSEdu.

With over 37 years’ experience in the education and media markets, CMD is transitioning to an online education platform to deliver career guidance webinars, fair & competitive exams, test preparation support, and e-books targeting over 430 million job-seekers in India alone.

The digital education industry is booming globally and is currently an $18 billion annual business in India. We are seeking seed capital support of US $1.5m from Angels and VC’s and have an offer from a German based investment company to provide US $5m “Series A” funding to further develop CareersApp, and US $50m for Careers TV based on certain milestones.

As posted below, our PowerPoint presentation and Business Plan details our seed capital raise of US $1.5m for Career, Careers App and Careers OTTV, a blended learning eco-system for which we are projecting sales of US $15m by year 3.

To reach these milestones we are currently seeking to raise Startup support of US $2.75m against 40% stake (dilutable) to develop our project to the next level for getting US $5 million funding from the investment company. 

Following the guidelines of the Kerala Public Service Commission we are initially targeting 5.3 million Subscribers at a minimum subscription rate of US $10. Going on our credibility we are confident about converting 10% of new registrants to paid subscribers within the first 12 months. 

Our near future plans also include B & C series offerings. Career Magazine, a well-established international brand with over 37 years presence in India and the Middle East plans business operations with multitudes of international companies leading CMD to a Dow Jones (USA) listing of publicly traded stock.

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Career Magazine – Malayalam TV program

Exhibition TV which we launched in Dubai 

Media firm launches first ‘infomercial’ TV service – Rajan P Thodiyoor, Executive Director

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Director of Operations (India) for Stepping Stone Edu Inc. and its Patents Free program

Mr. Rajan P Thodiyoor: A visionary entrepreneur and media expert who introduced certain ‘firsts’ in the print, visual and IT business domain in India and Middle East. Rajan is an award winning writer, publisher, film maker and TV channel consultant in India, Middle East, the UK and beyond. He also introduced Career Magazine, a first career guidance publication to South India and United Arab Emirates.

Director of Operations (GCC) for Stepping Stone Edu Inc. and its Patents Free program

Mr. Rishi is experienced in Business Development, IT and Media. He is the Founder of Movie and versatile with Indian and overseas business experience and a proven track record in International “End to End” recruitment solutions. Mr. Rishi specializes in HR management including employee relations, manpower, education, e-recruitment, and career planning. He further excels at onsite Recruitment, RPO services and management, talent seeking, learning & development, talent management, and direct and in-house recruitment.