These links represent only a few of the over 50 I.P.’s our Founder has offered for use.

Please note that according to patent law – If the patent is past the 20 – or 14-year mark (depending on the type of patent), you cannot renew the patent, but you can still own the product and any other materials and information you purchase from the inventor. –

This is only the legal reason why we encourage you to reach out to the registered patent Owners, and or their Heirs and include them in your development process. The moral reason is simply that they deserve compensation for the use of their expired patents.

Social Interaction During Online Gaming

Social Interaction During Online and Broadcast Live Events

Hermetic Sealing and Adjustable Valve Control, Flow Regulating, Self Venting, Closure Apparatus

Graphical communications device

Device and method for projecting a scrambled image

Genesis valve (Static Aerator) with numerous related never before published Gas diffusion Enviro products

Like those above there are literally millions of available I.P.’s now available FREE for your use. Should your Team choose one or more of these to build that next great invention of yours, remember this! The reason many of these inventions have failed to get to market is that for one reason or another many of us chose to license them to big companies who either sat on them, failed them all on their own to get us to market, or simply just killed them outright. For whatever reasons they’ll never tell us!

How did they mange to do that?? Very few who license an invention idea ever think to bring the Inventor into the development phase and that’s where they commonly fall down! They get deep into development, run face first into a brick wall and just don’t have the original Inventors brain matter/creative incite into the idea the Inventor gave birth to!!

To that tragic end, we highly encourage our Start-ups to seek out the original Inventors and wherever possible, include them into your new development projects. When your Team cashes in with help from their prior creations at least compensate them or their families should they no longer be with us.

The foundation also intends to set up the “Invisible Inventors Fund” to compensate many thousands of Inventors and we encourage our Start-ups to contribute to this fund in any way that they are able.

There’s trillions to be data mined out there! Share the wealth, share the health!! And we all prosper!

University I.P.’s by the thousands! Come get ya some!! They’re FREE!

The following represent a small handful of the over 4500 Universities and Colleges in the U.S.. Of those H.E.I.’s we estimate our Unicornathoner’s will have in excess of 350,000 discarded I.P.’s from which to data mine and create their Start-ups future from. Try searching your school on,, or when online, and our my Fav.