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Businesses, communities, families & countries can work together to assist in reducing Student loan debt through a patent driven start-up creation project.

Working directly with Students (Juniors, Sophomores, Graduates & Post Graduates), Inventors, H.E.I.’s and Government organizations to create innumerable start-ups and potentially millions of new jobs based on the reclamation of hundreds of thousands of H.E.I. and private sector Inventors initiated in-force (un-licensed), expired and abandoned patent and patent applications.

Stepping Stone Edu is a mentor based open-source network co-op program for publicly funded Student owned and operated start-ups

Through our advanced economic growth project Stepping Stone Edu we are developing a program designed to exploit over 350,000 in-force and dormant Intellectual Properties.

Our goal? Help Students reduce, and one day eliminate, their student loan debt. How? Provide them an opportunity to become Founder or employee of an exciting new start-up venture. We believe our innovative program sets the stage for unprecedented job creation and new company start-up ventures. These ventures will address the critical issues of the day.

Our initial target? The growing student loan debt crisis faced daily by millions!

Have you got game??

Initially we are planning a pilot project at a major west coast University (stay tuned for more details!) followed up by a series of competitive hackathon style events we call “Unicornathon™”. This innovative project will kick off our program. Students invited to compete will choose from hundreds of thousands of dormant patent properties, form teams with fellow Students to compete in front of our panel of Celebrity and Mentor Judges vying for financial assistance and hands on mentor-ship to bring their Start-up to life!

Unlike traditional hackathons, at a Unicornathon event everyone wins! All those who enter will leave the competition owning the rights to the I.P. they created during the event and are then invited to join our network to further pursue their new invention ideas as an SSEdu Start-up. No one loses at SSEdu!

Other challenges our Unicornathon™ events propose to help solve? – Climate change, Medicine/Next Pandemics, Food and Alternative energy production, Environmental carbon build up, Water reclamation, Ocean, lake & river clean-up, and much more.

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Large corporations have long overlooked this goldmine of talent and invention resource mainly because they won’t invest to gear up to go to the global market with no international patent protection. We believe that by pooling groups of these so called “Dead Properties” that the students who have previously worked on these inventions during their tenure, and those others who join them are likely to create new and potentially future patentable I.P.’s.

Further, we believe that the answers for many of the problems we all face are buried deep and hidden in this treasure trove of discarded patents.

Our goal for Student start-ups? Have them investor ready backed by an impressive I.P. portfolio, and for many, long before they even graduate.

Why graduate with debt and despair when you can graduate with hope and a job!

As a former online News personality from France and a long time Producer at the Emmy’s, and the Euro voice of Carl Sagan, I am honored and excited for millions to join the impressive Team @ Stepping Stone Edu!

Georges Leclere

As a former L.A. county school teacher, former NFL player, and current member of the Retired NFL Players congress I see the potential of Stepping Stone Edu for the entire country! Glad to be a Founder!

Reginald “Reggie” Grant

Stepping Stone just makes dollars & sense. Billions of dollars worth of dormant patents that likely hold the cures that ail us all and possible fixes for climate change, FREE for the taking!! I’m all in!

J.R. Horsting

Nothings etched in stone at Stepping Stone. We only grow with your input, so, What’s on your mind?

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I am Georges Leclere, and I approve of this message!

Student Loan Reduction – Apply Today! – Don’t Delay!

Why graduate with just a diploma and heavy Student loan debt? Now you and your Team can leave school as Founders of an exciting new Start-up company. Yours will be Investor friendly, investment ready, and prepared for battle through your hard-earned studies.

Are you ready to tackle the global market place!